• P2909 Fix formatting of code units as integers (Dude, where’s my char?)
  • P2918 Runtime format strings II
  • P2905 Runtime format strings
  • P2845 Formatting of std::filesystem::path
  • P2733 Fix handling of empty specifiers in std::format
  • P2713 Escaping improvements in std::format
  • P2693 Formatting thread::id and stacktrace (coauthor)
  • P2587 to_string or not to_string
  • P2539 Should the output of std::print to a terminal be synchronized with the underlying stream?
  • P2516 string_view is implicitly convertible from what?
  • P2419 Clarify handling of encodings in localized formatting of chrono types
  • P2418 Add support for std::generator-like types to std::format
  • P2372 Fixing locale handling in chrono formatters
  • P2216 std::format improvements
  • P2093 Formatted output
  • P1868 🦄 width: clarifying units of width and precision in std::format
  • P1729 Text Parsing (coauthor)
  • P1361 Integration of chrono with text formatting
  • P0645 Text Formatting

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