NEOS statistics for 2013

2013 is over so it’s time to report the annual NEOS Server statistics again.

The results are very different from the previous year. AMPL is now used in almost 90% of all submissions, a large increase from ~57% in 2012. The use of low-level formats such as MPS decreased to less than 4%, down from ~10% the year before.

Top three positions in the solver category are now occupied by nonlinear solvers, MINOS, MINLP and KNITRO.

The input methods have changed dramatically as well. While in 2012 most submissions where done via web, in 2013 submissions via APIs have taken the lead.

The IPython notebook which I used to extract statistics from NEOS is available here. I have updated it to make the start and end date configurable.

Last modified on 2014-01-02